BCB's .....new recipe...always successfull

Brasillian Cheese Breads ....The talk of the town in Celiac Netherlands

Cheeper than cowsh@#t, taste a lot better.

No more dry breadrolls ....no more cooling down the dough !!

Requirements for 9 small breads: 300 gram tapiocaflour, 300 gram grated cheese, 3 large eggs, 100 gram milk, 50 gram oliveoil, salt, pepper, (if you like some oregano), half a sachet of baking powder (10 gram or 3 teaspoonfull), some sesame and five minutes hard labour. (100 gram=3.5 ounce)

Use aluminium cups which you can buy in supermarkets. The dough can not spread out and the breadrolls get a better appearance.
But first...switch on the oven (200 Celcius or 390 Fahr).    Put the flour, grated cheese, eggs, salt, oregano, milk, oliveoil, backingpowder and pepper in random order in a bowl.
And mix it with an electric mixer until it looks like white mud.
Now put the dough in nine cups using two spoons
Spread the dough in the cups using a fork.
If you like spread some sesame or other seads over the filled cups
After 15 to 20 minutes in the oven the breadrolls are ready.
You can fill the breadrolls with ham, bacon ore other ingredients
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